SpreadStop Self-Gripping Anchors

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SpreadStop Self-Gripping Anchors

SpreadStop Self-Gripping Anchors are the only true one-step self-gripping drywall anchors on the market. They eliminate the need for wall stud searching, measuring, marking or pilot-hole drilling; line up your work piece and drill away. One step, a few seconds and you’re done!

SpreadStop Self-Gripping Anchors consist of three parts: a screw, a patented spread-stop nylon sheath, and a self-drilling tip. The self-drilling tip first makes a pilot hole and guides the nylon sleeve through and threads in until flush against the wall. Continue drilling and you will notice a change in torque, which comes from the nylon sheath forming a lock-nut type fastener, shrinking in length but expanding in diameter at the same time, gripping firmly onto the drywall.

Perfect for picture frames, thermostats, clocks, bathroom accessories, coat racks, plaques/awards, blinds or curtains, decorative shelving, decorative wall hangings, etc.

Uses #2 Square Screw Driver. Size M6.3 x 54mm. Suitable for Drywall 9-12mm Thick. Clearance behind drywall: 48mm. Come in packs of 25 pieces.

Size Suitable Drywall Thickness Clearance behind Drywall
M6.3 x 54mm Drywall 9-12mm 48mm

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